Our Cocktail Bar

As the busiest party venue on this side the Liffey, every single night of the week is where you’ll find some of the best cocktails in Phibs, right here at McGowans.

Our cocktail menu takes inspiration from the classics and uses some of the best local spirits to create a range of craft cocktails. Whether you like a cocktail with a dry finish to sip on, or something tropical for a sweet, fruity flavour, we have you covered. It all starts with knowing what makes cocktails at McGowans so special.

What cocktails are available at McGowans?

We pride ourselves on having a rotating menu of cocktails that use premium ingredients to create something special. To give an idea of what we have, some of the staples on the menu include:

  • Frozen Daiquiris
  • Mojitos
  • Sex on the beach

We also have seasonal cocktails on offer too so anyone in need of a winter warmer or summer soother can expect a surprise on the menu.

Can cocktails be catered to allergies?

Of course. If you have any food allergies, just let bar staff know, and we’ll adjust the cocktail accordingly; this includes cocktails that would use celery, egg whites, dairy or sulphites.

Great Cocktails & Food Every Day

Whether it’s a cause for celebration, or just simply a reason to go out, we have everything you’d want from a Dublin cocktail bar. Don’t forget that if you’re planning an informal get together, we serve tasty pub grub until 10 pm every day. From our famous chicken wings to party platters and pizzas made for sharing, you can be having a cocktail party in no time at all.

Organising a cocktail party in North Dublin

Are you looking to throw a cocktail party? Take a look at our spaces for hire and get in touch. We’ll be happy to help organise a special cocktail party for you.

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