Corporate Events in North Dublin

With five unique areas available for hire any day of the week (even on weekends!), if you’re on the lookout for a unique venue space for corporate events in Phibsboro, you can’t go wrong with McGowans.

From a simple work night out for companies of all sizes to product launches to informal business meetups, we have what you’re looking for from a bar when it comes to having a successful corporate event.

Corporate events we cater for include:

  • Work nights out
  • Team building exercises
  • Meetup space
  • Product launches
  • Company meetings
  • Office Christmas Party
  • Charity events (company auctions etc.)

McGowans will work with your group to create a tailored package that works best for your requirements, including but not limited to personalised tab wristbands and drink vouchers. 

Reach out to us today to discuss how best we can prepare our venue for your needs.

Work nights out in Phibs

Everyone loves a good work night out in Phibs, and if you all know the after-party is going to be upstairs here in McGowans, why not save yourself the hassle of taxis and not knowing where to go for food when it’s all right here under the same roof?

We love having companies come and have the best craic possible on a work night out. For everyone, even those organising, the night should be about letting your hair down and the whole company getting to spend some quality time together without so much as one mention of work.

The McGowans team are able to provide all sorts of fun events as a part of the custom package we offer, such as a smartphone quiz, music, bingo, and more. Wanting specific entertainment? Just ask!

Book in with us, let us know if you’re looking to have dinner or some hot food platters (view our menus here) and we’ll sort everything out. We have everything from full dinners to finger food available to tailor to all needs; including vegetarian and vegan food options.

Book in with us today.

Team building exercise venues

When you need to get the team around a table and get a bit of camaraderie happening, there’s no better place than the front bar in McGowans. It’s a charming spot with little tables dotted about that were made to getting large groups broken into small pockets so some team building exercises can be carried out.

Meetup space in North Dublin

Have a local group or industry meetup you’re trying to organise? Whether it’s for a small group (under 10 people) meeting up once a month, or a large club that wants to make McGowans its de facto clubhouse for a few hours every week, we can happily reserve a space of the front bar (or the larger table beside the sports bar) so you can hold your event meetups.

We can offer your party a private space in our establishment, or a reserved area, to ensure you’ll have a meetup space to yourselves.

Contact us now to talk about our options and reserve an area.

Product launch venues in Phibs

Launching something is always exciting, and you can make sure there’s an exciting atmosphere for the big day by booking in with us. Launches need to go without a hitch, and we can help you get everything set-up and looking fantastic.

Company meetings

Sure, what would a company meeting be without a good bit of food on the side? We can arrange our club or cocktail bar into a suitably sized space to hold a meeting. Simply let us know the size, and we’ll let you know which area would be best.

You can hold meetings during the day, and we can have platters or a full lunch service on offer.

Office Christmas Parties

We love having companies come around for their Christmas Do’s, and we always try and provide the best party atmosphere possible, no matter what size your company is. We can get finger food sorted for everyone upon arrivals if you’re just coming in for a few.

There are also optional extras you can add to the package that includes:

  • Private photographer
  • Your own magician
  • Prosecco reception
  • Drink vouchers or a pre-set bar tab
  • Smart Phone Quiz
  • Music Bingo

If there are any specific activities you would like to request, simply get in touch with our team and let us know. We’d be happy to help!

Are you in charge of organising the Christmas night out this year? Get in touch right now and check out our Christmas 2023 page for all the essential information.

Charity Events

Have a fun charity event like an auction or giveaway in mind and want a venue where guests and co-workers can have fun without feeling like they’re back in the office?

Or perhaps you want to arrange a fundraiser for a local or national Charity?

The late bar area upstairs is a large area that is an adaptable space for events like this. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Book your corporate event now

Want to know more information about what section of the bar complex would best suit the type of event you’re trying to organise? Or do you have a specific idea in mind and would love to know how we can cater to your company’s needs? No matter the event idea you have in mind, we’ll be able to cater to your needs.

Get in touch today, and we’ll be happy to help make the event you’re trying to plan go without a hitch.

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