Spaces for Hire

Are you planning a special surprise party? Have a special family event coming up or need a big space to throw one hell of a party? When you need function room hire in Dublin, you can guarantee here at McGowans we will help you find the right space for any occasion.

From our boutique cocktail lounge to the shapes your party will be able to throw on the dancefloor upstairs in the nightclub, we have the right space for any occasion.

It all starts with knowing what kind of space you need. Luckily for you, we have it covered with the right size room for every kind of party.


Best for: small functions with a bit of pizzazz
Ideal party size: anywhere between 20-70
Ideal for: engagement parties, small office parties

Private venue hire in Phibsboro for special occasions just got easier, especially if you want a small space that suits those who want a pint and those who prefer to have a little fizz or cocktail when it comes to celebrating.

Our cocktail lounge area is intimate enough for small family dos and catch-up events between big friends groups. The cocktail menu is superb, and the space is fantastic for sharing a bottle of fizz.

mcgowans cocktail lounge


Best for: when you don’t know the group size
Ideal party size: flexible for 20-150 people
Ideal for: group events, informal office parties

When you need a reliable event space on the Northside and want one where everyone can easily have access to the bar, beer garden, and smoking area, we can help reserve a space on the ground floor near the main bar.

It’s a good space for work parties or events where the number of people coming will ebb and flow throughout. And don’t forget you can inquire if you need food catered too.

mcgowans ground floor bar



Best for: when you’ll have people moving around
Ideal party size: flexible for 20-100 people
Ideal for: milestone birthdays, meetups

A firm favourite for when you’re playing an intimate party you soon know will become a proper night out. The Rock & Roll Area was made for friends and family birthdays when you want everyone to mingle and make a great night of it. It’s a popular choice for those celebrating milestone birthdays who know most of the night will be spent up and about rather than mingling around a few tables.

mcgowans rock & roll area



Best for: big parties and events
Ideal party size: anywhere between 50-250 people
Ideal for: big family events, larger office parties, product launches

Finding a function room in Dublin that feels just right can be a nightmare. Luckily our upstairs nightclub is available for hire when you’re planning something big. The club has its own bar and is guaranteed to give you that great party atmosphere you need from a bigger event.

The space is fantastic if you’re looking to have it set-up for the likes of quizzes, fundraisers or unique events. We have a monthly single’s night and speed dating events in here so know it is used to many people moving around with ease.

For anyone who needs a reliable space for a launch event, we will work with you to make sure it is set up perfectly, and the whole shebang goes without a hiccup.

mcgowans nightclub



Best for: summer parties with a unique twist
Ideal party size; up to 50 people
Ideal for: a unique event space when the weather’s nice

Sure what would a party in Dublin be without someone trying to get you out in the smoking area every once in a while?

The beer garden is available for hire if you’re looking for somewhere a little different to host. It’s a cracking place to be when the sun is out and in the summer looks perfect if the last thing you want is everyone feeling flustered from a party indoors. We have a bar in this area, and you can still dance the night away out here while mingling!

If you need to know more about venue hire at McGowans, and how we can help you out with any special requests, get in touch right here, and we’ll get straight back to you.