Stag Dos in North Dublin

Here at McGowans, we can help you organise stag dos of all kinds; from a few friends around a table to dozens partying all night long. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the parties we cater for that your group might just fit in with:

Stag Dos in Dublin

Ask any local what trying to walk through town is like on a weekend night and you’ll know that plenty of the flights coming into town means the city centre is full of Stag groups that think a great night in Dublin means planting your feet firmly in Temple Bar and never venturing north of the Liffey. We all know that when you want an authentic stag experience in Dublin, you have to find an authentic Dublin pub with a feel that locals love, and that’s what we have right here at McGowan’s.


Stag Dos in North Dublin

McGowans is less than a mile north of the River Liffey but doesn’t feel anything like a “touristy” Dublin bar. We’ve been here since 1949 and have become an institution in Phibs (that’s what the locals call Phibsboro). If you’re organising a Stag Do that involves flying across the water, and you just so happen to have a hotel or apartment nearby, there’s no better way to kick off a Stag Do than with the chance to embrace a real Dublin pub. And if you’re a local boy trying to get a Stag Do organised, you’ll know yourself how legendary nights out at McGowans are, so get in touch right now and we’ll help get things going.


Stag Dos for Small Groups

Know for a fact your groom doesn’t want to make a big song and dance of it? These days, the more subdued and frankly classy Stag Do is a very popular trend. When all the big man wants is a chance to sit around with his best mates, dig into a good steak and have a few drinks within an intimate group, we can help make it happen. You can book your own space in the front bar or take space in any of the corners just up behind the main bar so you won’t get disturbed. Being able to huddle around a big table, have some quality chat and dig into a 10oz Hereford Sirloin Steak served just the way you like makes for quite a manly evening out. Take a look at our full menu here. We’ve listed all the allergen information in case someone in the group needs to know clearly how the food is made and what’s in it.


Stag Dos for Big Groups

Are you the one organising the whole evening and already have the fear it’ll quickly become one big babysitting session trying to keep everyone together? Avoid those nightmares, and the bump in price for a pint in the middle of town, by letting us help get your sorted for a big Stag Do. We can help groups of 10 and above take over parts of McGowans all evening. The sports bar can be yours with direct access to the beer garden for those who would usually get lost after needing to nip out for a vape.

With big groups, we can also sort you out with decent grub by getting your own unique Stag Do versions of our infamous platters. We have the following options:

  • Wing Platter of chicken wing goodness with choice of sauces that includes Louisiana, Jack Daniels BBQ, Salt & Chili or Satay
  • Meat Feast Platters with ribs, wings, fries & coleslaw
  • McGowans Platters with cocktail sausages, chicken wings, onion rings, chicken goujons, scampi, fries & dips.

These platters are usually made for two to four people, but we can scale it up appropriately for your group.


Stag & Hen Dos Combined

Another popular trend is to ditch the old style and have a combined party where everyone can have good craic. We can cater for these too, especially if it is going to be something akin to a family reunion with so many names down on the list. In cases where we have a large party, a space like the cocktail lounge or Rock & Roll area where everyone can be contained in the one spot works best.


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